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Coming from the business world and drawing from many areas of expertise, Brett is the primary contact in our Probate and Estates area of our practice. He works with Dean in readying matters for final review, and his Midwest charm often lends comfort to clients where the law leaves off and a situation can best be remedied by a human touch.

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With many years of experience in title insurance and all phases of real estate transactions, Denise offers not only a wealth of knowledge, but her professional handling of issues and the needs of people make each closing a welcome occasion. Denise manages the real estate division of the office, fielding client questions and addressing their concerns, as well as insuring that closing functions are addressed accurately and efficiently.

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With local boy status and a French Horn under his arm, Brian’s work is what makes our office hum. Brian brings perspective to the often complex situations that confront our bankruptcy and foreclosure clients. His conscientious spirit and drive to fulfill is a welcome attitude, especially when a client reaches out fort that helpful hand.

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