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The death of a loved one should be a time for expressing grief and recollecting fond memories. This is why it is so important to involve an attorney who is both seasoned and sensitive to the needs of heirs, and it is this service which we offer to our clients.

The process of probate is fairly simple in principle. Once a person passes away, their will provides instructions on how property—including money, stocks, all that—is to be divvied up. The Personal Representative (PR) of the estate is appointed from the will, and this is their responsibility. Since the law can be complicated, an attorney should be hired to guide the PR through the process—and this includes marshaling all the assets of the estate, seeing what bills there are and paying them from the assets, and, from what remains, allocating the assets to the heirs as instructed by the will. The paperwork is voluminous and the wait is seemingly endless, especially since the creditors are given up to 3 months to file claims.

If relatives appear from nowhere who suddenly remember how close they were to you and how they can’t believe that they wern’t left that Cartier watch they so often admired, this is when your kindly attorney is able to ease the tensions and make sure that the decedent’s wishes are properly carried out . We’re handy to have around.
The cost of probating a will all depends on the size of the estate, the quantity of claims, and the number and needs of the heirs during the pendency of the proceeding. Please call us to discuss your particular situation and we’ll be pleased to talk with you at no charge.

Have an issue that needs consulting and is not addressed here? Call us to find out how we can help.

Probating Estates: Practices
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